The Top 40
African Weddings
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Discover just how amazing your dream wedding could be with a look at 40 of the most memorable African weddings
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Congratulations on your engagement! The next exciting part of your love story is planning your African Canadian wedding. Whether you’ve been dreaming about your wedding day for months or years, there is always so much more to think about than you could ever have imagined!

Of course there’s the dress, the rings, the decor, the transport, the venue, the music, the catering...and well, the list just goes on and on. Then, add to that the need to represent your African heritage and culture… it can all get a little overwhelming.

But don’t panic!

We’re here to help you with a little wedding day inspiration in the form of a FREE Photo-Book.

Showcasing some of the most stunning African weddings from around the world, this Photo-Book gives you some great inspiration for creating your own magical moments.

Discover how you can seamlessly combine your love story and your cultural traditions in a luxurious event that will truly be a day to remember.
Your Wedding Day Is As Big As Your Dreams! 
Planning a wedding is like writing a story, and sometimes writers get writer’s block. The way to get around that is to read, to get inspired by other great works of art. So, if you’re drawing a blank on what you want your wedding day to look and feel like, then download this FREE photo-book and get inspired!

The Top 40 African Weddings to Remember will have your imagination running wild, get the creative juices flowing, and have your bride-to-be’s heart fluttering with excitement!

Whether you are considering an amazing destination wedding, something small, elegant and intimate or you dream of going BIG with a breathtaking wedding extravaganza, you’ll find some great ideas right here.

Are you ready to see how big your wedding dreams can soar?


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